The Challenge

The tendency of every man is to be different, to be an individual, known for their actions and image. Those are the features I built in every one of my projects! The outocome is a variety of models, each being a challenge of its own. A “new character” in a sea of others destined to be recognizable, not only in Serbia, but throughout the world, maybe one day even further, just maybe… ­čÖé

The Solution

„Serbia is a small country, and unlike the west world, suffers from lack of access to new technologies. But there again, the idea of creation is what keeps me going. NZXT, as idea , is very active and prone to inovation and changes, which is what lead me to the final solution of this project, as it is shown in the beautiful PCB pattern design.

Complete Corporate Identity

We Rethought Everything

We spent


of our time to complete the NZXT project on time!

The components we used

  • NZXT S340 case
  • Black, classic model

Sponsored from NZXT Balcan

  • Asrock AB350
  • tnx, Asrock

Sponsored by Acrock, tnx!

  • OCZ Fatality 1000w PSU
  • From our budget

Sponsored by Acrock, tnx!

  • 1400

Sponsored from AMD

  • Corsair Vengeance
  • RGB 16 GB

From our budget

  • NZXT RGB fans
  • Sponsored from NZXT Balcan

From our budget

  • Sapphire R9
  • 380 Nitro+ 4GB

Sponsored from AMD

  • NZXT Kraken x42
  • 2 pcs

Sponsored from NZXT Balcan

  • RGB Controller

Sponsored from NZXT Balcan

Cutting PCU cover live at GamesCon 2016 live in Belgrade
Mounting kraken x42 GPU holder

The Results Were Amazing

„Lines being placed inside and on the outside, represent design itself as a form of movement and evolution whereas the cicrles at their ends are meant to illustrate ideas and finished projects as a union of hardware, software and the spirit of PCs altogether.
„One of the cons, for me, was the PSU cover, since I believe that PSU deserves a high qualified place in hardware components. PSU as well as the lines on the inside and outside, should be highlighted because they power up the whole machine and therefore give it life.


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