OdySSey Project by SSPCMODDING

The Challenge

The “odySSey” project is created by Serbian modder neSSa. Using the AMD Treadripper and CoolerMaster C700P, neSSa has divided the inside of the case into two halves, one half dedicated for cooling and the other for hardware to achive the ultimate symmetry.

The Solution

The “odySSey” project is base on AMD Threadripper platform which is emphasized with Asus X399 Zenith Extreme motherboard, along with 1900x processor which is the core of the system. After many years, I have decided to use AMD platforms, because their newest generation is excellent, very capable of handling the most difficult programmesfor 3d rendering, photo and video editing and gaming. Quality of motherboards made for TR socket is outstanding, therefore Asus took a step forward with this “Republic of gamers” series. By gathering their newest technology in one place, best performance without overclocking is achived. This time, the GPU is Nvidia. VEGA 64 GPU was not an option beacuse I couldn’t acquire it due to the popularity of mining all over the world

Complete Corporate Identity

We Rethought Everything

We spent


of our time to complete the OdySSey project on time!

The components we used

  • Cooler Master C700P
  • Black, glass on two sides

From our budget

  • Asus ROG Zenith Extreme
  • X399 chipset

From our budget

  • Cooler Master V1200
  • Platinum series

Sponsored by CM, tnx!

  • AMD Treadripper
  • 1900x

From our budget

  • Kingston HyperX Predator
  • RGB – 4x8GB @ 2933Mhz

From our budget

  • Cooler Master MasterFan
  • 140mm AP RGB (12 pcs)

Sponsored from CM, tnx

  • Asus GTX 1080 Ti
  • StriX edition

From our budget

  • EKWB full custom dual-loop
  • water cooling system

Sponsored from EKWB, tnx

  • Cooler Master RGB unit
  • RGB Controller

Sponsored from CM, tnx

Cutting front cover to fit the rgb logo

Placing the logo to position

The Results Were Amazing

„Lines being placed inside and on the outside, represent design itself as a form of movement and evolution whereas the cicrles at their ends are meant to illustrate ideas and finished projects as a union of hardware, software and the spirit of PCs altogether.

I’ve succeeded in dividing the inside of the case in two halves, zone for cooling and the other one for hardware, in which way i’ve managed to establish symmetry. i’m not a big fan of RGB but in this case, it really suits the project. The outside of the case is beautiful as it already was, I’ve just put on some additional touches.


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